This is the thing I looked forward to most about being a mom: Getting to be there for all the first, big and small. These past 2 months have been full of them! The first time you found your own hand, your first walk with Mocha. These are just a few of the BIG ones…

Your first vacation... You were only 4 weeks old and handled the road trip like a pro.

The ocean put you in a sort of trance and made you fall asleep. every time. =)

Just hangin' out with Uncle Dan…

And this is where we spent most of our time… every morning and every evening, rocking on the patio, watching the waves.

. . . . .

The Zoo! 
This is one we’ve been anticipating for a while and it was awesome.. perfect weather AND Jason’s Birthday. You just snoozed most of the time, but were wide awake for the polar bears and seals.
This is also the day you started studying patterns. The sun was in your eyes so your dad took off his shirt and put it over your stroller to block the sun… you were fascinated. 

. . . . .

 The Farmer’s Market. 
Your dad and I used to go all the time together before you were born, but it's even more fun now that you’re here to join us.

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GingerLand said...

I can't believe how much he's changed since we saw him. What a sweet love!