Dear Eli,

You’re days away from 10 months and even though this phase demands more of me - my full attention, and creativity - it’s my favorite yet. You understand so much and get excited when we say or sign certain things like “milk”, “outside” or “mocha” and squeal when I ask “can I wrap you?”… you love riding on my back like a little monkey and lean back and forth to see what I’m doing and are especially fascinated when I’m chopping up vegetables or cooking.

I love when you stop right in the middle of something you’re playing and toddle over to me and throw yourself into my arms and lay your head down on my shoulder. I give you a hug and kiss then you dive back down to the floor and crawl away faster than lightening back to whatever you were playing.

Last week felt like the beginnings of spring with sunshine and blue skies and temps in the upper 60’s… absolute heaven! We stayed outside as much as we possibly could and you’ve since decided it’s the only place you want to be. When Mocha goes to the door, you follow her there and try to crawl out after her. The second the door shuts, you stand up with you hands and face pressed up against the glass door and cry huge tears like every dream in your little heart has just been crushed. The second I open the door again and let you out, the tears dry up and you wear a permanent smile. You pull grass, and crunch leaves then taste them. You squeal and chase Mocha around the yard. You pick up her toys and feed her grass which she chews on, obligingly.

You’ve also just discovered how much you like cardboard boxes and climbing the stairs. Also, you eat everything.

We listen to Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Roots album a lot these days because it reminds me of changing seasons and the months before you were born when I listened to it on repeat. It was around this time last year that I started really anticipating your birth and meeting you for the first time. Every time I hear Soul Rebel it takes be back to when you were just days old and we danced to that song and I hoped that you would grow up with a heart that feels light and free and curiosity unquenchable.

See the morning sun, On the hillside…
 travel wide
I'm a rebel, soul rebel
I'm a capturer, soul adventurer

You are a little adventurer in your own way and I not-so-secretly love every ounce of mischief in your body.

There’s nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.

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