right now

Making: Plans 
Cooking: Apple cider. Does that count?
Drinking: Water. I don’t drink nearly enough, but am trying to up my ounces.
Reading: Give Them Grace… you guys. SO GOOD. J and I have really been examining our parenting “defaults” lately (you know, the way people tend to parent the way they were parented) so we can be really intentional about our choices, decisions, perspectives, etc. with the little guy. It’s the most thought-provinking book I’ve read on parenting by far!
Wanting: To remember this sweet phase of our lives forever. The late-night movie marathons with my guy, the way E whispers “dada” through his little smile as we wait for him to come through the door at night, holding hands on our walks woods, the way E smiles and stretches with those just-woke-up eyes in the morning, the way we adore every little thing about him, this feeling that there is not a thing money can buy that even comes close to this kind of happiness.
Looking: At vacation details for our first trip… just our little family… in July. SO excited!! We’ll also be flying with a baby. Any advice is welcomed.
Playing: With E and Mocha. All day. Every day. Like it’s my job. ;)
Wasting: warm air with open windows. Something about clean, chilly air is just so delicious. 
Sewing: Headbands and shoes for a friend’s baby out of some fabric scraps 
Wishing: For this amazing weather to STAY! Yesterday we played in the grass without our shoes and chased mocha and threw sticks for her to fetch. 
Enjoying: Nowhere to be and nothing to do.
Waiting: On all these bizarre ingredients to come in the mail so I can make my own organic shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toner, toothpaste… I even have a recipe for a bronzer that I’m super excited to try all from this amazing ebook. Trying to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. 
Liking: Along the same lines actually, I’ve been doing that thing where you don’t use shampoo or condition on your hair. It’s been horrifically dubbed “no-poo” but the results are pretty great! I only “wash” my hair every 5 or 6 days with baking soda then do a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. Though it was pretty wild in the beginning it’s getting shinier and fuller the longer I go and shockingly doesn’t smell at all! 
Exploring: The woods
Loving: Baby wearing… specifically the glory of woven wraps. Makes both of our lives a thousand and one times happier. 
Hoping: To be the kind of mother that listens carefully to intuition 
Marveling: At how fast time passes since E entered our lives.
Needing: To paint the bathroom. 
Smelling: Fresh air
Wearing: My little guy
Following: The olympics! 
Noticing: How quickly our chalkboard of “joys” is filling up
Knowing: I have more than I need
Thinking: That I could probably never ever get tired of sun-dried tomatoes even if I ate them every day for the rest of my life. 
Feeling: Eli’s sweet breaths while he sleeps on my chest
Bookmarking: All things Maine 
Opening: Windows
Giggling: At E’s faces… specifically the squinty-eyed, tiny-lipped, pretend-sad face.
Feeling: Completely content.

Ps: Yesterday Eli discovered the joys of feeding Mocha grass

Eli, you’re my dream baby.

list via: This lovely blog


Ginger said...

Love these lists!

Especially these bits...

"Playing: With E and Mocha. All day. Every day. Like it’s my job.
Enjoying: Nowhere to be and nothing to do."


And I can't wait to hear more about your homemade products. I've bumped down my hair routine to twice per week and only shampoo on my scalp, but I'm still not brave enough to do the "no-poo" thing. (I'm still a oily-haired teenager apparently!)

Ginger said...

Oh, and duh! My most favorite part... these sweet pictures of Mr. E!